5 Killer Tips to Make Your Business Website More Impactful

Want to take your website to the next level but don’t know what you’re missing? Following are the growth strategies that make a company’s digital presence go from good to great.

1. Targeted advertising via the giants of social media is a recommended and almost necessary step to be taken by any growing company, and this cannot be stressed enough. And the smart thing would be to continue doing that. But when every company on the market does it, how can one stand out? “The best investment is in the tools of one’s trade.” It was Benjamin Franklin who said these words. What this simply means is that the most authentic, brilliant way to grow is to ‘do you’. This means that a company should always continue to flawlessly execute what it does best. But that doesn’t just mean ‘change nothing’.

2. Keeping the users engaged is the trick that gave companies like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter an exponential and seemingly never-ending growth rate. Of course, not every website is a social media company, but it can adapt the same technique in its own style. This is where the importance of an innovative website with professional handling and modern design comes in. Your website should represent your brand.

3. Using machine learning, algorithms can be created to analyze customers, what brings them back each time, which areas they are interested in (this is highly recommended because the results could surprise you), which areas give back the most profit, etc. And deriving potential customers, spending more time and money on the areas of mass interest, and all other business perspectives can simply follow what the data shows us. There would be employees collecting data and analyzing it in every company. Machine learning just does the same thing on a computer, making it faster and more accurate. A few important points to follow while using machine learning is

a. Recognize patterns

b. Establish predictability in data

c. Apply human ingenuity to complex algorithms

As per recent popular belief, using machine learning is unethical as it is manipulative. But that is only for social media platforms and so this option should not be turned down.

 4. The next tip (and this is top secret because most people haven’t realized this yet) is that people just love to receive. No matter how useless something is, when they hear the word ‘free’, they want it! Running contests and giveaways, or just any form of points for maintaining a daily streak all keep both the users engaged without question. But make sure that this approach is related to your company in some way and not just a random stunt.

5. That said, the best way to acquire customers isn’t any unheard modern trick. It’s just good old exposure. Get in the news (for good reasons of course). Showcase your work and don’t hold back any details. We all heard in the news how Elon Musk just tweeted the words ‘Use Signal’ and all companies with the word ‘signal’ stock market shares increased 6 folds. That’s what exposure is. Let everyone influential in the game know your name and what you do, and get them talking. And doing it consistently and not just as a one-time promotion. It is by far the best way for people to acquire an audience and is foolproof.

This takes me back to my original point, which is esentially continuing doing what you do best and consistently delivering positive outputs, all the while, showcasing it in real-time. Utilizing these methods will help boost your online presence and credibility, and improve reach.

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